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Corporate and Private Events, Comedy Stage and Closeup Magic

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Did you know?

Harvard Business Studies say “With audience’s expectations rising every year, the right entertainment can help you impress them with an unexpected experience!”

Dean Apple 

Dean Apple

Home “ Connecting people at your next event in creative and unique ways, with your company or guest of honor featured magically in that connection.”

“We hired Dean Apple to entertain our Football team and were thoroughly entertained by not only his amazing magic but his fun use of volunteers and humor throughout the show! Highly recommend!”

Jerry Argovitz​

Owner of the Houston Gamblers of the USFL & one of the most powerful sports agents in the nation​

Jerry Argovitz
Behind the scenes with Patrick Evans on Eye on The Desert!
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“Hot off their appearance on Celebrities of Magic, Dean and his lovely assistant Pinky (aka Debbie his wife) are multiple award winners at the Prestigious Pacific Coast Association of Magicians 2017. Dean specializes in both closeup magic and comedy stage magic. Dean specializes in closeup magic, comedy stage magic and engaging talks using magic demonstrations.”

"What My Clients Say"

"I watched every move of his closeup magic and what we saw was nothing less than impossible."
Patrick Evans
Television and Radio Personality with CBS Broadcasting
"I thoroughly enjoyed the act, and would like to have you appear in my upcoming contest."
Ron Saylor
Executive Producer of "Celebrities of Magic"

Putting together an event can be a daunting task. Whether it’s a corporate gala or a private event, getting the right entertainment can make or break the evening. A speaker, musician, comedian…so many choices!  If you’re interested in a fun interactive show that engages your audience, Dean performs a clean comedy stage show using volunteers and lots of audience participation. There’s always a couple of surprise options that highlight your guest of honor or product in creative and crazy ways!






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